Whidbey Blend

Whidbey Blend



A traditional Northern Italian style espresso, Whidbey Blend offers a long, bittersweet and complex experience as a straight shot, and compliments the steamed milk perfectly in your cappuccino or latte.

Coffee Review score of 91 

Blend Components

Indonesia Papua New Guinea Colombia Excelso Brazil Cerrado

Tasting Notes

Fragrance/Aroma: Baker’s Chocolate, Caramel, Cedar
Flavor: Baker’s Chocolate, Caramel, Almond, Smoked Cedar
Body: Smooth, Syrupy
Finish: Long, Peat, Complex
Acidity: Mild, Balanced

Roaster's Notes

Whidbey’s Blend is a traditional Northern Italian style espresso, comprised of three types of high-quality arabica beans from Papua New Guinea, Colombia, and Brazil. We gently roast the blend to a medium-dark level to preserve the sweetness of the beans, and bring bittersweet complexity to the espresso. The Indonesian and Brazilian components add sweetness, syrupy-smooth body, and beautiful crema to the espresso, while the high grown Colombian Excelso balances the shot’s middle tones.

As a straight espresso, Whidbey Blend offers the bittersweet notes of baker’s chocolate, complemented with almond, and a pleasant smoked cedar and peat finish. When combined with steamed milk, the espresso’s caramel notes are beautifully highlighted.