Whidbey Blend

Whidbey Blend



A traditional Northern Italian style espresso, Whidbey Blend offers a long, bittersweet and complex experience as a straight shot, and compliments the steamed milk perfectly in your cappuccino or latte.

Coffee Review score of 91 

Blend Components

Peru, Colombia Excelso, Brazil Cerrado

Tasting Notes

Fragrance/Aroma: Baker’s Chocolate, Caramel, Cedar
Flavor: Baker’s Chocolate, Caramel, Almond, Smoked Cedar
Body: Smooth, Syrupy
Finish: Long, Peat, Complex
Acidity: Mild, Balanced

Roaster's Notes

Whidbey’s Blend is a traditional Northern Italian style espresso, comprised of three types of high-quality arabica beans from Peru, Colombia, and Brazil. We gently roast the blend to a medium-dark level to preserve the sweetness of the beans, and bring bittersweet complexity to the espresso. The Peruvian and Brazilian components add sweetness, syrupy-smooth body, and beautiful crema to the espresso, while the high grown Colombian Excelso balances the shot’s middle tones.

As a straight espresso, Whidbey Blend offers the bittersweet notes of baker’s chocolate, complemented with almond, and a pleasant smoked cedar and peat finish. When combined with steamed milk, the espresso’s caramel notes are beautifully highlighted.