Steeped Whidbey Decaf Box
Steeped Whidbey Decaf Box (10ct.)
Steeped Whidbey Decaf

Steeped Whidbey Decaf Box (10ct.)


Enjoy the Whidbey Decaf Blend taste you know and love with our new Steeped 
single-serve brewing method.

Get all the taste without the kick and experience Whidbey’s favorite blend throughout the day.

Brewing Tips:

The Steeped Coffee method is not like tea that goes bitter after a few minutes, instead, Steeped Coffee keeps getting better and evolving until it plateaus, much like 'cupping'. When professional coffee roasters and tasters 'cup' (much like wine tasting) some roast profiles actually take over 10-20 minutes to hit their peak flavors, but we rarely experience our coffee's complexities with our traditional brewing methods as water only contacts our coffee for a few seconds. As you Steep your coffee, make sure to experience the taste of the coffee as it develops to its fullest potential when you drink it.

What you get:

Our new Steeped Steeped Whidbey Decaf Box comes to you in our new Whidbey Coffee boxes with 10 single-serve packets enclosed, ready for your enjoyment.